Hendrick Hudson Free Library Loan Policies

Type of Material No. That Can Be Borrowed Loan Period Late Fee
Books, Magazines, CD’s 50 3 weeks .10/day to a maximum of $5.00
New Books, Playaways (MP3) 20 2 weeks .10/day to a maximum of $5.00
Express Books 20 1 week ONLY $0.50/day to a maximum of $5.00
Express Books 14 Day 20 2 weeks ONLY $0.50/day to a maximum of $5.00
Videorecordings, DVD’s 20 1 week $1.00/day to a maximum of $10.00
Audiorecordings 20 3 week .10/day to a maximum of $5.00
Express DVD’s 2 3 days ONLY $2.00/day to a maximum of $10.00
CD ROM’s 20 2 weeks .10/day to a maximum of $5.00, missing case $8.00
Renewals:  All materials may be renewed by phone, in person at the library during library hours, on the library home page at any time, or by calling Tel-Circ 674-4169 after hours, if there are no reserve orders waiting.

Returns:  Materials borrowed from the Hendrick Hudson Free Library may be returned to any library in the Westchester Library System. Likewise, materials borrowed from another library in the Westchester Library System may be returned to the Hendrick Hudson Free Library.

Book Drop:  All materials may be returned through the book drop located in the parking lot directly across from the entrance to the library. Materials left in the book drop after closing time on the day they are due will be checked in with the original due date the following morning.

Book Donations:  Book donations are accepted during regular library hours, weekdays only.  We welcome hardcover and paperback books in good condition.  Donated books may be used to augment the library’s collection or be sold to benefit the library in our ongoing book sale.  The library cannot accept magazines, textbooks, travel books, financial books, encyclopedia sets, Reader’s Digest condensed books, audio/visual material without cases, or books that have been wet or stored in basements or garages (no mold, no dirt, no spiders!).  Please discard books in poor condition at your house rather than at the Library.  Pack book donations in either handled bags or small boxes–limit three (3) per visit.  Books delivered in garbage bags will not be accepted.


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