How do I know where I can get a library card?

Your home library is directly related to where you pay your taxes. Hendrick Hudson school district families can get a library card from Hendrick Hudson Free Library. Croton school district families get cards from the Croton Free Library, Peekskill school district families get cards from The Field Library, and Yorktown school district families get theirs from the John C. Hart Memorial Library. As for the families in the Lakeland school district, they have an option of getting a card at either of the above mentioned four libraries (known as the Cortlandt Contract Libraries). They have to choose one “home” library though. Once you have a card from any of these libraries you can use it at any library in Westchester County.


What do I need to bring with me to get a library card?

All you need is proof of address. A driver’s license or utility bill is acceptable.


How can I apply for a library card online?

You can apply for a library card here.


What is my PIN when using the online catalog?

Your PIN is automatically set to the last four digits of the phone number we have on file for you. If that does not work, please call us and we can reset it for you.


How can I get access to the digital resources your library provides?

Visit our Online Resources page. If registration is required, register for an account with the resource you wish to use by providing your library card number (some also require your PIN).


How can I register for a program?

Visit our Programs page, click on the program you would like to attend and the registration link or details will be available in the description.


How can I book a Study Room? The Conference Room? The Community Room?

You can book a Study Room or the library’s Conference Room through LocalHop. This link is also available on our home page. You can also book one of these rooms by contacting the Circulation Desk at (914) 739-5654 ext. 301. Please note, the library’s Community Room cannot be booked via LocalHop. To learn more about reserving the Community Room you can visit our Community Room page.


How can I get the latest information and programming via email?

You can sign up for our email blasts via Constant Contact.


What is the password to the library’s wifi?

There is no password. Once you have connected to the Hendrick Hudson Free Library wireless network in your device settings you simply need to open your web browser and click to accept the terms and conditions.


How do I get books or audiobooks on my Kindle?

There are a variety of apps you can download onto your Kindle or mobile device to read eBooks or listen to audiobooks. Visit our Online Resources page and choose the app best suited for you. You get free access to all of the apps listed by signing up with your library card. If you are using a Fire tablet and would like to use the Libby app, please follow these instructions.


How many different ways can I download books or audiobooks?

There are multiple apps you can use to download eBooks and audiobooks. Libby and Hoopla are our most popular. For additional options, view our Online Resources page.


When is the notary at the library?

We have several notaries on staff. At least one of them is generally here during the day, in the evenings, and on Saturdays. We kindly ask that you call first to make sure the notary is not off that day or on a lunch/dinner break. Please call (914) 739-5654 ext. 303 to confirm availability.


Your shelves look empty… Where are all the books?

This question is generally asked in regard to our New Books section. The newest titles always have the highest demand and don’t spend as much time on the shelf as older titles might. The shelves look empty because the items are either checked out or on on hold.


Do you accept book donations?

Book donations are accepted during regular library hours.  We welcome hardcover and paperback books in good condition.  Donated books may be used to augment the library’s collection or be sold to benefit the library in our ongoing book sale.  The library cannot accept magazines, textbooks, travel books, financial books, encyclopedia sets, Reader’s Digest condensed books, audio/visual material without cases, or books that have been wet or stored in basements or garages (no mold, no dirt, no spiders!).  Please discard books in poor condition at your house rather than at the Library.  Pack book donations in either handled bags or small boxes–limit three (3) per visit.  Books delivered in garbage bags will not be accepted.


Can I request that you buy a book/film?

Absolutely! We will try our best to get the item(s) you want. Please see or contact a reference librarian to submit your request.


I can’t find a book I want in the WLS catalog. Is there any other way to get it?

You can ask a reference librarian if the book is available through Interlibrary Loan (ILL). This service searches for materials that are available outside of Westchester Library System. Read more about this service here. 


Who can check out your hotspots?

Patrons with a Hendrick Hudson Free Library card in good standing (no fines) can check out a hotspot.


How do I check out a museum pass?

Hendrick Hudson Free Library cardholders in good standing (no fines) can contact the Reference Desk to reserve a pass. A full listing of which museum passes we own is available here. Call (914) 739-5654 ext. 303 to reserve.


Are programs and events recorded? If so, where can I find them?

We are currently in the process of purchasing the proper equipment to live stream our programs and events–more information to come! We do have previous programs available on our Virtual Programs page.


Wouldn’t it be great to have benches, tables and chairs on the big, beautiful lawn?

Yes, it would.  We currently have two benches on the front lawn.  One is located by the Deborah Appel Chomiw Rain Garden and the other is between two beautiful cherry trees.  We have very colorful picnic tables on the upper hill near our children’s room.  We feel it is best to reserve seating on our lawn for special events.


How do I get a passport at the library?

Please visit our Passport Services page for more information.


How do I get an E-ZPass at the library?

All you need to bring in is a valid driver’s license and $25.00. Learn more by visiting our E-ZPass Authorized Retailer page.


Can I print from my laptop or home computer?

Yes! We have mobile printing available here. Learn more by visiting our Mobile Printing page.