On Sunday, October 7, 2018, the Children’s Room at the Hendrick Hudson Free Library was officially named the Leonora Roth Children’s Library in memory of long-time community member Leonora Roth, who dedicated her life to teaching children and promoting child literacy.  In a very touching ceremony, Cynthia Neff, current President of the Board of Trustees, had this to say about Mrs. Roth:

“This new children’s room is a welcoming and inspiring space, and it deserves to have a name . . . a special name.  The name of someone who embodies the love and joy of reading.  That person is Leonora Roth.  Leonora was an elementary school teacher and principal.  Her dedication to children and learning was complete.  She extended her love of teaching from a classroom size of children to a building full of children.  Leonora knew that reading was the foundation to success.  She, herself, was an avid reader and a loyal patron of our library.  It is quite fitting that Leonora’s name will greet everyone when they enter [the library].  [H]er love of reading will touch all the children of the Hendrick Hudson community.”

Here are some highlights of the Naming Ceremony:

Cynthia Neff, President, Board of Trustees

Merrill and Ellen Roth

The Roth Family

Kathy Americo, Vice President, Board of Trustees

The Unveiling


Merrill and Ellen Roth

Merrill and Ellen Roth and family

Merrill and Ellen Roth and Family

Come visit the new Leonora Roth Children’s Library often, and stay awhile!