The Leatherman: An American Vagabond
Tuesday, January 24th at 2:00 p.m.
When a strange, unkempt man dressed head to toe in leather began traveling the roads of New York and Connecticut, the people of the region immediately took notice.  He hardly spoke, only ever engaging in conversation to ask for food, water, and tobacco.  Local fascination grew as it was realized the circuit he followed repeated every 34 days.  Yet his name, origins, and reasons for wandering have never been explained.  This created an air of mystery around the figure who has come to be known as “The Leatherman.”  Jon Scott Bennett, a student filmmaker pursuing a B.A. in History, will present his extraordinary documentary and will follow with a question-and-answer session.  Registration begins January 10.





Matinee Movie: “Call Jane” (R)
Thursday, January 26th at 1:30 p.m.
A married woman with an unwanted pregnancy lives in a time in America where she can’t get a legal abortion and works with a group of suburban women to find help.  Starring Elizabeth Banks and Sigourney Weaver.  (2022) (121 min.) Register today!








Felt Embroidery Bookmarks
Tuesday, January 31st at 6:00 p.m.
Create a personal bookmark using felt and basic embroidery stitches with staff member, Cheri Morreale.  Registration begins January 17.







Baking with Nora: Garden to Goodies!
Wednesdays, February 1, 8, 15 & 22 at 6:30 p.m. via Zoom
Let’s get ready for the coming seasons in our gardens by baking items using those delicious veggies!  Nora Brunnett of Nora’s Ovenworks in Stamford, Connecticut, is back with us for a ZOOM baking class with lots of tips and ideas!  On the schedule will be beet brownies, sweet potato pie, potato rolls, zucchini bread, and carrot, onion & zucchini pie.  Register for the classes and receive a Zoom link, shopping list and recipe card the week before class so you are ready to Bake with Nora.  Suitable for the family to join in and help! Registration begins January 18.