HHFL Adult Virtual Program Offerings:

HHFL Teen Virtual Program Offerings:

HHFL Children Virtual Program Offerings:

Other Virtual Program Offerings:

  • Sesame Street is offering 110 free e-Books here.
  • PBS is offering 179 History Documentaries for free here.
  • You can visit a museum virtually here.
  • Demco offers some ideas and inspiration for those of you who are wondering what to do with your children while at home.
  • PhET Interactive Simulations is offering some fun scientific learning simulations for parents and their children.
  • Library IQ Solutions provides a great list of e-learning resources for both adults and children of all ages for free.  Check it out on Facebook!
  • The Center for Aging in Place offers a list of COVID-19 resources for seniors in standard, large print, and Spanish versions.
  • The Historic Hudson Valley offers a free, interactive documentary on their Web site entitled, “People Not Property:  Stories of Slavery in the Colonial North” that reveals the history of Northern slavery through the stories of enslaved individuals at Philipsburg Manor and throughout the Hudson Valley.
  • Britannica is offering a free downloadable Summer Literacy Workbook with digital and printable activities for grades 3-5.
  • The MFA program at Manhattanville College is offering Teen Writers Workshops this summer.
  • Camp Vollo is a free two-week virtual volunteer camp experience for young changemakers.
  • Varsity Tudors is offering both a Virtual School Day and Virtual Summer Camps for free.
  • Pandemic Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) benefits information regarding special food assistance can be found on the Hunger Solutions NY partner page of the Summer Reading Web site.
  • DayByDayNY offers new daily books and fun early literacy activities in both English and in Spanish.
  • Bookshare is an accessible online library specifically for people with print disabilities.  Bookshare also offers a Book Club.