Step Up For Literacy


“Step Up For Literacy” is a free program that began in September of 2007 with the primary goal of encouraging parents and other adult family members to learn the best ways to work with their 2-, 3-, and 4-year-old children to develop pre-reading skills. The project hopes to give all children an equal opportunity in school by providing pre-school literacy experiences for English Language Learners and children who do not attend preschool.

Step Up For Literacy utilizes a range of community resources, including community volunteers, a collaborative effort between the school district and public library, evidence-based early literacy programs, and some funding from the community. Since its inception, the project has had over 200 families participate in and complete the program. Our Children’s Librarian, Terri Jersey, ensures timely and effective implementation of the program, oversees solid project evaluation, acts as liaison with the Hendrick Hudson School District as it works to expand its own Pre-K program through Universal Pre-K funding, and seeks additional applications for other funding. Through this project, we hope to provide a better foundation for low-income children and English Language Learners with the goal of diminishing, or even eliminating, language-based or class-based disparities in school achievement.

The following Literacy Web sites are for both children and parents. Children can read stories online, as well as complete online activities, and parents can print home activities.

Child health and information: